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Academic UIL Events - Spring, 2015 - NDHS, Conference 5A, District 11

Below is information provided by Jeremy Hortsman, ND's Campus Academic Competition Coordinator, Academic Decathlon Coach.  Great accomplishment for theses students.

Congratulations Bulldogs!!

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Excerpts from an e-mail from Mr. Hortsman dated March 30th:

Overall results:
  • North Dallas High School had someone in the top 6 in 15 out of 17 events this last week!
  • Three 1st place teams
  • Four 2nd place teams
  • NDHS brought home 43 medals this District season.
  • We were well-represented at District, and we're going to continue to prepare the ten kids who will leave their mark at Regionals in April.


Howdy, Bulldogs!
This past week, we performed in the One Act Play, we took 2 speaking events to UIL, and we participated in 14 academic UIL events.  Debate had their district tournament a little while back, as well.
There were a total of 17 events that we competed in for the District Level.  Here are the results:
Dalia Mercado & Isaac Yanez                                    3rd place
One Act Play:
Sarai Rios                                                                Honorable Mention All Star Cast
Jessica Duenas                                                        All Star Technical Crew
Speaking Events:
 - Informative Speaking:
Taylor Bolden                                                           2nd place Regional Qualifier
Jesus Ramirez                                                          5th place
Florentina De Julian                                                  6th place
 - Persuasive Speaking:
Raviola Wenno                                                          3rd place Regional Qualifier
Jennifer Rodriguez                                                    5th place
Mercedes De La O                                                     6th place
Academic Events:
 - Accounting - 2nd Place Team:
Gustavo Zamarripa                                                 
Desmond Davis  
Kevin Nguyen                                                            5th place
 - Calculator Applications - 1st Place Team:
Gustavo Zamarippa                                                    6th place Regional Qualifier
Jensel Castro                                                              Regional Qualifier
Antonio Zaragoza                                                        Regional Qualifier
Raviola Wenno                                                            1st place Regional Qualifier
 - Current Issues & Events - 2nd Place Team:
Vanessa Carreno
Desmond Davis
Jennifer Rodriguez                                                      1st place Regional Qualifier
 - Editorial Writing:
Willie Parks                                                                  6th place
 - Headline Writing:
Antonia Cabanas                                                          6th place
 - Literary Criticism - 2nd Place Team:
Vanessa Carreno                                                          6th place
Miranda Casas
Angela Luera
 - Mathematics - 1st Place Team:
Mario Almaguer                                                            Regional Qualifier
Jensel Castro                                                                4th place (tie) Regional Qualifier
Raviola Wenno                                                              1st place Regional Qualifier
Brian Monroy                                                                 4th place (tie) Regional Qualifier
 - Number Sense - 2nd Place Team:
Damien Clark                                                                 4th place
Lutia Colbert
Willie Parks                                                                     2nd place Regional Qualifier
Antonio Zaragoza
 - News Writing:
Leonela Solis                                                                  4th place
 - Ready Writing:
Antonia Cabanas                                                            1st place Regional Qualifier
Miranda Casas                                                                4th place
 - Social Studies - 2nd Place Team:
Angela Luera
Jennifer Rodriguez                                                          2nd place Regional Qualifier
Antonio Zaragoza
 - Spelling and Vocabulary - 1st Place Team:
Jennifer Rodriguez                                                          4th place Regional Qualifier
Antonia Cabanas                                                             2nd place Regional Qualifier
Antonio Zaragoza                                                            Regional Qualifier
I want to give a very big "THANK YOU" to Ms. Rohde, Ms. Toliver, Ms. Morrison, and Mrs. Naig for helping out with UIL this year.  Without their hard work, I would not have been able to pull all of this together, and our students would not have been so successful!  Thank you!
Also, thank you for all of your support, Ms. Escanilla!

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March 26-28, 2015:  Academics Spring Meet - Conference 5A, District 11, Conrad High School

North Dallas came in 3rd place overall - out of 8 schools - in the district.  We were 1 point behind the second place team!   The only teams to beat us were the two schools from Carrollton.  Here are the results: 

School                                      Points

Jefferson HS, Dallas                   42

Woodrow Wilson HS, Dallas        174

North Dallas HS, Dallas              293

Newman Smith HS, Carrollton     294

Creekview HS, Carrollton            382

Adams HS, Dallas                       2

Hillcrest HS, Dallas                     18

Conrad HS, Dallas                      201


Academic UIL Events - Spring, 2015